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Nagoriyuki and Other Short Plays

The Lowest Form Or Writing

Taisetsu na Hito 

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10 Minute Play, Dark Comedy

1m, 2f

ISBN: 9780573703751

Winner! 39th Annual Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival
Bethany and Charles, a wholesome American couple, become owners of Android Minami, a Japanese robo-maid. As Minami becomes integrated into their mundane lives, repressed emotions arise and the line between servitude and fetishism begin to collide.Part of the collection Off Off Broadway Festival Plays, 39th Series.
Presented in the 39th Annual Samuel French Off Off-Broadway Short Play Festival, at Playwrights Horizons in August, 2014.




A collection of short plays written by Leah Nanako Winkler between 2014-2015 that were performed in NYC. Cover Art by Lilli Stein. Available for $10 on amazon. 



(cover art by Chase Voorhees)

A collection of short plays by Leah Nanako Winkler that have been performed in New York between 2008-2013. Subjects range from modern love to duck sex to a teen’s obsession with Justin Bieber to prostitutes living in 18th century Edo Japan. Filled with monologues for women, poetic language and LOLS. Now available for $9 on Amazon.  Edited by Chad Burgess and David Flowers.

Beautiful, brutal writing”

“A stunning and fearless collection of short plays and monologues that shows an impressive range of work and style. “Love,” “Nagoriyuki” and “Bieber Bug” are standouts, but all of the pieces are strong. Perfect for any performer, artist and human who loves to read excellent, fresh writing by a brilliant author. Do it.”

“One of the most distinct, unique, and impressive voices in theatre. Painful, hysterical, startling. DO NOT MISS THESE. Leah’s an outstanding theatre-maker and her work deserves to be read, heard, and seen. She offers necessary and hard observations and representations and will make your stomach hurt from laughing, and your body ache from squirming. The best of the best.”

“The prolific half-Japanese playwright Leah Nanako Winkler has spent the past five years amassing a body of work in New York City that would be impressive under anyone’s standards. With the publication of her book, Nagoriyuki and Other Short Plays, we can chart the evolution of her unique voice in the American theater. And for the actors out there, this book is a treasure trove of monologues for both men and women.

The book contains none short plays to be exact, each play ranging in various topics: From an obsessed thirteen-year-old Justin Beiber fan (“Belieber”) to a bad breakup and the intense voicemails it spawns (“Nagoriyuki”) to a child witnessing duck sex with his father (“Duck Sex”). As evidenced by the title of the first play, “Love,” almost all of these plays feature characters battling with their own passions and obsessions, either with themselves, with lovers, friends, frenemies or celebrities. Each play features characters locked in socio-economic power struggles, ranging from class, race or gender. The internet features heavily on several of the plays, whether as the setting (such as “Dead People,” which features an impressive cameo by Keyboard Cat; “HIIMONDRUGSNANDILOVEYOUSODEEPLY,” a drug-fueled monologue about friendship and cats) or as the stimuli for the conflicts (as exemplified in “I Don’t Want to Read Your Blog,” where two guys confront their own feelings after reading an intense email from an old childhood friend). These plays are funny. There is a sense of joy within them, even when the subject matter is disturbing.

I highly recommend this book for those who seek material that is rich in language and ideas. If you are looking to stage some short plays, look no further. If you are looking for audition monologues you can feel connected to, this is the book for you.”