I like to turn the ugly things we do into something beautiful and disorienting.

I value honesty more than I value spectacle, political correctness or solutions to problems and plot points.

I do not think audiences are meant to be isolated though I do not think they need to be coddled, either.

I still believe that theater can be one of the strongest forms of human connection, especially in our Facebook society where art is  being watched on Youtube (although you can view my art on youtube here!)

I try to remind audiences of the simple power  of a human voice when working on a show by emphasizing song layered with rich language as well as unique images that cannot be truthfully replicated on a screen. I think people crave this.

I strongly believe that it is  important to make theater that current generations can relate to, so  I tend to create playful yet critical observations of generation NOWisms and how technology is changing our  youth culture in addition to pop-culture and the desire of being “extraordinary/and/or/famous” (i am eternally perplexed and fascinated by these notions, as well as the desire).

My plays reflect my upbringing – hyper, funny, touching, frightening, cynical yet somehow hopeful. I am still inspired and unafraid of asking big, ambitious questions – such as how to tell the stories of stifled voices, how to truly explore the “minority experience,” how to represent “American-girl-isms” like low-self esteem and body image.  Through my plays, I hope to give strength to and root for the outsiders who long to find the truth of their existence.