Hey everyone! Leah here. I’m so excited to invite you to a workshop production of my play, Death For Sydney Black as part of terraNOVA Collective’s RX series running December 1st through the 15th. I’ll be at every performance ( specific times and ticket info below), and it’ll be so wonderful to see you there! 
Those of you who have followed my work know that I’ve been working on this script since 2009! After developing it through terraNOVA Collective’s Groundbreakers Playwrights Group, the play has gotten a lot of love from places like the Thinking Cap Theatre in Ft Lauderdale, Luna Theatre in Philadelphia, No Exit Theatre in Indianapolis as well as New York based groups like New Georges and HERE. 
So you can’t imagine my excitement when terraNOVA invited Death For Sydney Black to be a part of TerraNOVA Rx as an extension of the Groundbreakers Playwrights Group which is entering its 5th year. If you’ve already donated to TerraNOVA’s Indiegogo Campaign which ended last week, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 
I’ve got a dream team working on this incarnation, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. 
Even though the Indiegogo campaign for all four plays in the RX series has ended, terraNOVA, Everywhere Theatre Group and I are still raising funds for our project.
If you can help out this holiday season, donations are tax deductible, and even $5 will go a long way to help: 
- pay the actors, director, production, stage management and the design team
- offset printing c 
- insurance expenses
- transportation for load-in and strike
You can donate to the project by going here and clicking the Donate button ( 
Upon check out, you can note the donation is for Death for Sydney Black or Leah. Any questions? email me directly at leahnana@gmail.com
Or via mail, send your donation to:
terraNOVA Collective
401 W. 24TH STREET, #8
NEW YORK, NY 10011
(Please make checks payable to terraNOVA Collective)



terraNOVA Collective in association with Everywhere Theatre Group proudly presents 

as part of terraNOVA Rx


Directed by KIP FAGAN

DEATH FOR SYDNEY BLACK is a darkly familiar and subversive take on the ‘teen comedy’ trope, as characters sing, rap, and enact various versions of a timeless story: the unpopular girl becomes popular, high-school cliques tear asunder, and revenge is exacted. Find out if this uncensored 21st century fairytale has a happy ending!  

FEATURING:  Allison Buck, Beth Hoyt, Emily Kratter, Danielle Slavick, Samantha Strelitz, and Natalie Woolams-Torres.

Scenic Designer: JASON SIMMS
Lighting Designer: SETH REISER
Original songs and arrangements by JEN KWOK

VENUE: IRT Theater, 154 Christopher Street, 3B, New York 10014


December 1 @ 3pm
December 2 @ 8pm
December 5 @ 8pm
December 7 @ 8pm
December 8 @ 6pm
December 11@ 8pm
December 13 @ 8pm
December 14 @ 5pm
December 15 @ 3pm

Tickets are ON SALE now! Click this link! 


What else is going on with Leah??? 

*I was featured in Visible Soul’s People You Should Know, talking about Death For Sydney Black! Check it out at http://zackcalhoon.blogspot.com/2013/11/people-you-should-know-leah-nanako.html*

*This fall, my short play Taisetsu Na Hito,  directed by Matt Dickson was a part of the Cap Locks Theater’s Sex With Robots Festival at the Secret Theatre.  Here are some nice things people have said about it!
“Taisetsu Na Hito by Leah Nanako Winkler presented an unabashed look at the intersection of the robot fetish and the asian maid fetish. In her play, a wholesome American couple (Darcy Fowler and Alex Herrald) become the owners of a Japanese robo-maid (Mari Yamamoto). Fowler and Herrald were hysterical as an unhappy repressed married couple who were bursting with bottled-up emotions.  Yamamoto captured the slow, precise movements of the current generation of robots, and she delivered Winkler’s excessively polite Japanese dialog with vacuous subservience”Theatre For Nerds

“In an outstanding look at our need to unload onto a third party, playwright Leah Nanako Winkler gives us a stylish and funny comedy titled Taisetsu Na Hito, which means, “Is it ok if I call you an important person?”  And that’s a perfect title for this brilliant and very well performed short. “ Ny Theatre Now 

Leah Nanako Winkler’s “Taisetsu Na Hito,” which was inspired by the Minami, was the most disturbing piece of the evening. It was hilarious (a long diatribe about ham loaf was probably the funniest moment of the whole night) but the way the humor clashed with the emotional desolation of the two human characters made it truly vivid and unsettling.“- Tor.com

 Photo Credit- Kacey Anisa Photography, (left) Alex Herrald, Mari Yamamoto, Darcy Fowler 

Inline image 1

(Photo credit Illana Stein) 

*Last week, My short play THE LOWEST FORM OF WRITING, once again directed by Matt Dickson was a part of the inaugural late night play series, AMERICAN NIGHTCAP at the Intar Theatre.  curated by Jana Fredericks and Lilly Padilla. t was so much fun! They’re doing it again in December—make sure to keep tabs! *

*Finally- my book, NAGORIYUKI AND OTHER SHORT PLAYS is on sale for $9 indefinitely on AMAZON.COM! If you purchase between now and the end of December, all proceeds will go directly to the workshop production of Death For Sydney Black!*




Thanks again for your support you guys! As always, stay up to date with me at www.leahwinkler.org and/or
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