“Flying Snakes lets the audience have its fun while also giving them something to think about”-FLAVORPILL

 Delightfully cheesy “special effects”, great acting, and a fast-paced, literate script propel us into the epic struggle of heart vs. pocketbook, dreams vs. the rent is due….A clever piece of theater about theater, FLYING SNAKES IN 3D!! is a wonderful way to pass sixty minutes and laugh till it hurts.”- eljnyc

“The gentrification of New York’s theater scene gets confronted, tackled, and beaten in this rough comedy of politics and passion”-The Fifth Wall 

“…groundbreaking, innovative, highly original show. The real message of Flying Snakes in 3D came to you later….wrapped up in layer upon layer of smart, thoughtful, good theatre..that was by the people, of the people and for the people”-THE HAPPIEST MEDIUM

“Only Everywhere Theatre Group can successfully juxtapose the struggling artist message with a science fiction narrative about snakes…be spellbound by this piece…the tenacity and spirit of the company members, and the rawness and camp rolled together. “-NEW YORK THEATRE REVIEW

“I’m in agreement, often passionate agreement, with almost all of the sentiments, convictions, and frustrations that underlie Everywhere Theatre Group’s Flying Snakes in 3-D”-NYTHEATRE.COM

“…All in good fun. The play features imaginative video sequences by Chase Voorhees and you even get to pelt the actors with rubber snakes. In one particularly jarring juxtaposition, a writer’s candid monologue about her love for theater is spliced with a histrionic scene in which the two scientists accuse each other of creating the killer king cobras.”- Stage And Cinema

“…..delight in railing against the theater elite….rich whites and trust-fund kids ….. sticking a hot poker in the ass of the one-percent.” THE VILLAGE VOICE

“A hilarious and unexpectedly touching story of why we make theatre and how to save the world from killer flying snakes….heartfelt ….a refreshingly original piece of theatre that is pretty damn funny, yet still asks the audience to take an honest emotional journey and really see the artist behind the crazy characters on stage…. Flying Snakes in 3D is just pretty freakin’ fantastic. Everywhere Theatre Group is definitely a company to keep an eye on…”-THE EASY

” Weirdly, Flying Snakes in 3D!! may well be the show that generated the most interesting discussion this summer in New York.”- Culturebot