I am posting it here for free. Wow, I’m so nice! The quality isn’t the best (courtesy  of my best friend and her iPhone) so next time, come to the show! Theater is better live!

Be warned that this is one of the weirder things I’ve staged/written.  A lot of the beg. conversation was taken from  im/text conversations (if you’re reading this! Sorry! but it’s not about you!) spliced with original monologue, Auntie Em pretzel commercials and what I imagined Keyboard Cat would say if he could speak and sing.  I aimed to create a  haphazard serious conversation spliced with mindless internet surfing that tends to happen a lot within our generation.  I.E talking to someone who you care about but no longer speak to in real life while wordvomiting,watching youTube videos, being exposed to popup ads all leading to a sense of emptiness and possibly depression. If you’d like to see the script, email me at leahnana@gmail.com

Anyway, I had lots of fun- thanks for all that attended. And also to cast Chris Masulo, Lindsay Mack, Rachel Radenburg, Teddy Nicholas ( I know you guys were so nervous!),  sound/video Chase Voorhees and costumes by Sarah Snider. Also to Jeff Jones, Scott Adkins and the rest of the LT crew, Dixon Place for providing us with a fun night and an excellent  forum of experimentation.

Next up:

A READING of : Death for Sydney Black ( in Philly!)
Luna Theatre Company (dir. Gregory Scott Campbell)
Sunday, May 15 at 1:30PM

at Society Hill Playhouse (Red Room)
507 S. 8th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147 Reading/workshop of Death For Sydney Black May 15th